International Institute Of Energy Psycology

Energy Psycology

Energy Psycology is a new therapeutic approach that integrates current scientific discoveries and aspects of psychology with ancient knowledge about the interaction between the mind, the body and the human energy system.

Through effective and quick approaches and practices, Energy Psychology techniques often result in improving physical and mental health and promote the development of the human potential and overall well-being.

IEP consists of a family of modalities and approaches that are based on the body-mind relationship and that may include balancing the bio-energetic system (meridians, chakras, biofield) as part of the intervention, to obtain positive changes in emotions, beliefs, behaviors and overall health and well-being./p>

The Institue (IIEP)

The International Institute of Energy Psychology - IIEP - was founded to promote and disseminate energy psychology and facilitate access to these innovative techniques. It constitutes a platform through which health professionals, mental healthcare providers, educators, coaches and professionals from related fields can get in touch with the different modalities of energy psychology, train, and enrich their professional practice, as part of the intervention, to obtain positive changes in emotions, beliefs, behaviors and health in general.

The IIEP also summarizes the extensive experience of Kristin Holthuis , who in her holistic medical practice has integrated energy psychology, flower essence therapy, non-violent communication and Bio-decoding to assist people of all ages to recover their physical and emotional health, even after very traumatic experiences.

Profesional Training

• Diplomat in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Costa Rica, USA; supported by ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) with CEU's for the APA.

• EFT courses (Emotional Freedom Techniques), level 1, 2 and 3, certification with the AHEFT (Hispanic Association of EFT) and the IIEP.

• TFT course (Thought Field Therapy), certification by Callahan Techniques.

• TTT course (Trauma Tapping Technique), certified by PHN (Peaceful Heart Network, Sweden) and the IIEP.

• TAT course level 1 and 2 (Tapas' Acupressure Technique), supported by TATLife, USA and the IIEP.

• Matrix Reimprinting Course. Certification by the Matrix Reimprinting Academy, England and the IIEP.


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